Mar. 9th, 2016

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A picture of the author's foot and three sales = "best seller". Definitely funny, though I have no idea whether amazon bestsellers are mostly low quality.

When a measurement becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

That being said, apparently the New York Times Bestseller list is bad but not totally useless.
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This isn't a product I feel a need for, but it's cool to see people trying to come up with the best version of something. Who knew people wanted a felt-tip pen that's also a construction toy?

It's also cool to see a kickstarter for a reasonable product that's pushing close to 30 times its goal money. They do have an unusually good video.

If they can make the project work, I think they've potentially got a a good-sized business there-- expand it to include many more colors and types of point.

I've decided to put more of my facebook posts on livejournal/dreamwidth-- I'm annoyed at the way fb posts get lost.
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Zorpia is a spam "social network" which is good at scavenging email lists.

More details if you like. I'm mostly interested in whether anyone who's reading this has also gotten mysterious messages from zorpia.

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