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From his twitter archive.....

Possibly true, at least interesting:
People are usually paid according to how much damage they can cause not how much good they do.

Addiction and fatalism go together. You don't see one without the other.

It is not our place to correct the delusions of others, only to find the common ground necessary to get things done.

You are addicted to something if you do it not for its own reward but for how anxious you feel when you don't do it.

Before you try to move a boulder, ask it how it wants to move.

The convicted murderer died in his sleep before he could be executed, robbing society of the satisfaction of killing him.

Solution to the UFO mystery: an advanced race of alien cats. With laser pointers. Trying to get even.

I'm distracting myself with the question of if freeing yourself from distractions and unsatisfying desires is such a great idea (most of the tweets seem to be stoicism), why one would use so much of that time giving advice which one believes is unlikely to be followed.
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